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The Connection: Food, Wellness and Whole Self

20 J0000004UTC 2011

Hi! This is my new blog about my (and our) adventure with food, nutrition, wellness, illness and getting well again in our changing American culture.

The underlying sentiment (without being too sentimental) is that we each get one life– and one body in this life. Regardless of your beliefs about the afterlife, we can all be responsible in the here-and-now. It’s our one chance to cure ills, sooth anxieties and foster overall well-being.

The fabric of health is that every human is WHOLE. One being. One self. We are intricately woven, dynamic, pulsating. We are not, as we have been taught, several independently-functioning systems that make up a whole once added together. Immersed in Western culture I learned that my intellect (mind) is isolated from my strength or frailty (body) which is isolated from my spirituality (soul). Hard as it’s been to re-learn, I see this is not true. These three (and more) components are rough words to describe our experiences and personalities. But they are not separate, walled-off entities. They are the confluent self, each day, with every breath, for ill and for good.

Think of it. You have perceived or actual childhood trauma or current everyday stress. This expresses physically in the skin, stomach, brain or heart. It plagues the psyche,  relationships, neurotransmitters, sleep, conversations, boundaries. Solace in nature, connection with God, bitterness about childhood religion, inclination toward meditation, peace in self-help groups, anger at mom or dad or the ability to sit on a rock in the yard and breathe are all options. You may seek friends and family or push them away, nourish the body or deprive it, lose control or gain it. Experience, genetics, history, emotions, stress, physicality, illness, wellness, psychoses, spirituality, relationships are all you. Each ‘part’ pushes and pulls on all the others. You push and pull on yourself.

This picture fuels my study of nutrition and wellness. It is the passion behind using food for healing. Even though food seems to address only the body, it is WAY bigger. Food is emotional. It is communal. It is psychological. It is spiritual. It goes into and affects each of us every day. It can destroy and it can heal.

Food is powerful.

Next time I will share my personal story with illness, adverse conditions, how I faced them and how they brought me to the above conclusions and to my study of nutrition.

Till then, chow.

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  1. 20 J0000004UTC 2011 12:46 am

    Hey sister!
    Love the new website. Can’t wait to see what topics you touch on as this thing blows up.


  2. 20 J0000004UTC 2011 3:35 am

    Yay, Kris! So glad you are moving forward with this, friend. Looking forward to following, and hope to catch up soon.

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