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What to Buy Organic

20 J0000005UTC 2011

The more I talk to people, the more I see that help with produce discrimination is useful. Fruits and veggies all tend to look bright, colorful and nutritious. The problems that some of them have are too small to see– residual, absorbed pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers and growth agents. Everyone has seen the strawberry as big as your palm. It’s big, beautiful and even juicy…then you bite in and it deflates, disintegrates or tastes like absolutely nothing.

A helpful principle to use in the produce section is (overall) to buy organic for items that are highly permeable, over-produced or thin-skinned. The thicker the skin, typically the more resistant to chemicals and, therefore, less able to get into you.When scientifically-produced chemicals go into your system, they don’t just pass through your digestive system. Rather, your gut lining, hormones, cell membranes, liver and kidneys must contend with them. Inorganic toxins are not recognized by the body, so the body does not exactly know what to do with them and ends up collecting them. That’s why it’s important to minimize eating insecticides.

Here’s a couple lists. I hope they are helpful as you head into the grocery next.

For organic:

all greens like spinach, kale, chard, mustard greens (buy lots of this!)

all varieties of lettuce


peaches and nectarines

berries like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries


bell peppers


root vegetables like carrots and potatoes

imported grapes

For conventional (regular):

onions and sweet onions



sweet corn


tropical fruit like papayas and mangoes

sweet peas



cruciferous veggies like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower


melons like watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe


sweet potatoes

Or just go for the gold and buy all organic, as your wallet allows. And remember that in season produce is less expensive.

Happy shopping and chow!

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