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Nutrition and Food Allergies: No Fun? No Way.

20 J0000007UTC 2011
From Inside Out Nutrition

So the gluten-dairy-corn-soy free experimentation diet update goes like this. We took all four out at the beginning of June for a summer cleansing-detox- purging-of-the-system. I’m pretty sure there was cheddar in my pores. I brought cottage cheese and Greek yogurt back in after 2 1/2 weeks (not long enough) and my hubby brought dairy back after 3 with a slab of Swiss cheese. All went well…until we binged on all-natural, all-organic, seemingly-wonderful mint chocolate chip ice cream. After a shared pint, of which I devoured the most, dairy did not look or feel so good. We will give it the rest of the week, sans ice cream, and see how it plays out.

This coming weekend we decide between re-introducing gluten (to my husband this means a hamburger bun and an IPA) or corn (to me this means tortilla chips for my guacamole), and see how goes for a week or two.

The bottom line so far? That despite missing the foods we miss, our bodies feel clean and we eat really well. Our meals are amazing, often consisting of a portion of meat, a hefty dose of veggies (usually greens or a salad), healthy oils or nuts/seeds/nut butter, avocados or olives, coconut shreds and milk, fresh fruit, home-made beans, and sometimes a grain– like rice, millet, gluten free bread or home-made buckwheat pancakes. It all tastes good and feels good.

Here’s a few of the best recipes that have turned up over the course of the past month while we have been looking to fill the gaps we made with our experiment. Read the titles here, then click on the recipe tab at the top to get the full ingredient list and instructions. I hope you will try them out and see that allergy-free is not so bad after all!

Buckwheat Pancakes (Egg, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Gluten Free). I found this today when I was craving my usual egg-based recipe. We were just out of eggs, so I found this! Buckwheat is great because it is not actually wheat. Note that many pre-made buckwheat pancake mixes on the shelf have wheat flour (gluten) mixed in. Buy straight buckwheat flour (Bob’s Red Mill) to make your own. You gotta have this with an egg, nut butter or meat or it just wont sustain long enough!

Breakfast Scramble (Egg, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Gluten Free). This is one of my new favorite breakfasts that incorporates enough protein to really get me started and even out my blood sugar, but avoids eggs (which hurt my stomach). It bridges the gap between traditional breakfast and eating last night’s leftovers.

Carrot Fries (E,D,C,S,G Free). A new, awesome favorite. Sweeter than potato fries and way more nutrient dense, these were a way to incorporate more veggies to our meals while still helping out with our cravings for fat and salt.

Spicy Lime Chicken (E,D,C,S,G Free). If you like chicken, you will love this. We have made it with boneless, skinless chicken breasts and with a whole fryer, cut into quarters– both done on the grill to keep the kitchen cool in the summer. Would work in the oven too.

Better-Than-Hamburger Helper (E,D,C,S,G Free). Because we really don’t make stuff out of boxes anymore, we look for simple ways to make real food. This is one of them, blending some favorites all in one, huge iron skillet. Not much to look at, but tasty.

Massaged Kale (E,D,C,S,G Free). Made both from our garden and from the organic kale at our local grocery, this is the fastest, easiest, perhaps tastiest way to consume one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Do make sure your kale is organic, as conventional leafy greens are very susceptible to sprays and pesticides.

I leave you to check the recipe tab– chow!

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