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Gift Yourself With Health

20 J00000012UTC 2011

‘Tis the season we get sick and soft. There’s nothing wrong with a little warm winter weight, but no one wants to get squishy because of Christmas. When the flu, the family or Santa Claus come to town, stock your body’s pantry with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (special nutrients found only in plants).

Winter months bring: 1) Depleted Immunity, 2) Weight Management Issues and 3) Sad Mood and Anxiety resulting in daily stress, poor sleep, strained relationships, lowered job performance and depleted well-being. It’s not pretty.

The good news is that you can analyze this list and take your health into your own hands. Self-health, you equipping yourself with knowledge, education, information, ideas and tools– enables you to go out and make decisions that decrease disease and promote ease, health and well-being. You can facilitate a degree of prevention today no matter who you are, how much you weigh or how you feel. Choosing sleep, food, movement, sunlight, stress, breathing, relationships and work situations that are good for you, you can change both health and illness.

Instead of beating yourself over the head with the cheese log you just inhaled, consider the little things you can add to your everyday eating and lifestyle to improve your health.

Add astragalus and oregano oil to boost your immune system. These two herbal wonders are often-overlooked when cold season starts settling in. Unlike the more commonly used elderberry and echinacea, they can be used for prolonged periods. They achieve deep immunity and help fortify you to ward off infection before you become ill. Found in both tablets and tinctures (liquid).

Add protein to breakfast everyday to help with weight. Feeling sluggish, fat and getting weak and tired at 3pm are signs of dysglycemia– blood sugar that is too high or too low. Adding clean protein to your breakfast such as lox, organic eggs, chicken sausage or black beans rather than eating just Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms or an apple gets your metabolism going and your blood sugar balanced.

Add some action to improve your mood. That’s right– having safe, loving sex with a trusted partner as often as you can ignites the metabolism, works muscles you forgot about and triggers super-hormones not often experienced during a normal day. Oxytocin, the bonding hormone, is released; dopamine, a well-being, gimme-more or pleasure hormone, is overwhelmingly present; and several hormones that have the effect of satisfaction, stress release and even sleepiness. See “Your Brain on Sex” for way more details.

Add leafy greens + greens powder to increase nutrient reserves. Saute kale with your eggs and sausage for breakfast. Build a giant spinach and romaine salad (don’t forget the fat and protein!) for lunch. Have a greens smoothie (yes, even in the winter) with antioxidant rich berries and flax meal. Design your dinner with Swiss Chard, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or bok choy as the centerpiece and meat and potatoes as the side. Check out Health Force Super Foods Vitamineral Green, which includes greens from the land and water as well as digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Ok, so a supplement, some sausage, sex and a smoothie– all things you can easily add to your winter work-out to help take health back into your own hands.

Cheers– and Merry Christmas!

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