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Just Tell Me How to Eat.

20 J0000005UTC 2011

People tend to peer over my plate at what I eat– and ask what and how they should eat– so I’m introducing three ways of eating or “diets”  (there are many others…) as an informed nutrition consultant and writer. I’m not a Paleo person myself, nor am I a Processed-Food Junkie, nor a Vegetarian. My eating requirements and style falls somewhere in the Bermuda triangle of the three paths mentioned above.



Imagine the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) or Processed Food Junkie at one point of the triangle. Don’t take offense, anyone; it’s just a matter of noticing what you’re eating– like me noticing one day that I ate Totino’s, Dr. Pepper, and Oreos by the truckload. In this category are products with people-names like Little Debbie, Oscar Meyer, Marie Callender’s, Otis Spunkmeyer, and McDonald’s. (See here an amazing timeline of the S.A.D. from the New York Times.)

At the second far point of the triangle is Vegetarianism where one does not eat anything with a face or nervous system. No meat, no fish (sorry Pescatarians), no chocolate-covered grasshoppers. There’s a heavy emphasis, by default, on grains, legumes (beans), fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. A step further takes us to Veganism where no animal product (like honey or leather) is eaten or used. This is a challenging way of life; talk to any true Vegan and you shall see.

At the final triangle point is the Paleolithic or Primitive way of eating. This entails eating only what our


cave(wo)man ancestors were able to hunt or gather, pre-agriculture and pre-industry. It’s a little contrived, seeing as we still shop at grocery stores, but Paleo people do the best they can, eating meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and some eggs, nuts, and seeds. They leave dairy, grains, and legumes out of the gastronomic mix.

These three groups (often bickering about which is best) could live in relative harmony, the S.A.D.s left to their bologna, Velveeta, and Wonder Bread, the Vegetarians graciously handing over their rabbits to the Paleos, and the Paleos shoveling over their lentil-buckwheat stew to the Vegetarians. Each has at least one pro, and they all have research to back up why they either prevent or cause disease and illness.

Consuming a fair amount of corn chips, fire-roasted salsa, chicken sausage, pork bacon, purple kale, red peppers, brown rice, arugula, blueberries, pecans, coconut, apples, carrots, and chia seeds– I fall somewhere in the undefined in-between. Somewhat shunned by Vegetarians and Paleos alike as not being committed enough– and feeling like I intimidate my beloved Junkies, I come up with no food family. Bummer.

I figure all three groups could or should have three things in common:

1. Less or No Gluten Grains. That shit is killing us, one condition at a time. The sooner we un-addict ourselves and see how tainted something that was once good has become, the better off (and the thinner and less diabetic) all of us will be.

2. Better Sources. Eat what you want, just make sure you’re getting it from a trusted, not-gross source. Look into where your food comes from. Figure out how toxic it is or isn’t. Find out about pesticides, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, and what they feed your meat and fish. Whatever was put on or in your food will end up in your liver and fat cells, not in the toilet.

3. More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Unless you are highly sensitive to very sweet fruit, this is for everyone. Chances are you are not overeating garlic, broccoli, pears, or jalapenos– and you might be eating too much pasta or poultry. The more fresh, dynamic, biologically active food you can get into your body, the more protected and alive you will be.

These three principles suit any “diet” or lifestyle of eating. You don’t have to call yourself anything or subscribe to any “program” to eat cleaner and put more veggies in your face every day. At the end of the day, without an in-depth study of you, no one can tell you exactly what or how to eat. You are a unique individual with specific conditions, problems, assets, body type, ancestry, and needs. I know that you don’t need an Otis Spunkmeyer muffin and I know that you do need greens, but beyond that, you are much more detailed and complex.

Happy Eating– wherever you may fall.

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  1. 20 J0000006UTC 2011 2:43 pm

    #1 – AMEN!

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