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Paleo Progress Report

20 J0000006UTC 2011

It’s day 20, which happens also to be the Summer Solstice, and we’re finally not hungry anymore. Well into

Paleolithic Woman of Willendorf

Paleolithic Woman of Willendorf

week two of our Paleo experiment (grain free, bean free, dairy free, very reduced sugar) my husband and I remained hungry. Like really hungry…most of the time…even though we were eating a lot of meat, far more vegetables, and even some tasty Paleo-friendly treats. We worked in sweet potatoes, potatoes and squashes to no avail. What we needed was simple– time to let our bodies adjust.

My observations thus far are mostly unexpected, which is great. That’s what makes experiments fun. Like entering the science fair.

As stated above, we both started out really hungry, but now feel more full at each meal.

I used to have to eat a lot at every meal; now I need to eat less at each meal.

I don’t crave chocolate as much anymore, although I did see a very compelling chocolate croissant once.

I don’t crave bread, although (see above).

I don’t even really miss chips very much, although we’ve had sweet potato chips a couple times.

I’ve started eating eggs again without stomach aches.

I seem chunkier and, well “healthier” (less thin), while my husband is becoming leaner and more muscular.

I went on my first trail run in about 5 years and it felt great.

I hiked 6 miles and 2000 feet of elevation the other day and feel like I could have run most of it.

The last two points are highly irregular for me, as I almost could not walk my dog the past 3 years.

It’s really hard to think of meals we want to eat, so I’m less interested in food.

I don’t like potatoes as much anymore.

My hand joints still hurt a little, when I thought the removal of grains would resolve the issue.

Okay, that’s plenty.

The only main evolutionary discussion we’ve been having is a comparison of primal or Paleolithic men and women. I mean, come on. They’re totally different in physique, role in the community, tasks they had to execute, and therefore metabolism. The likelihood that they actually ate the same stuff, in the same proportions, is not very good. Even though there was, by necessity, much overlap, it just doesn’t make good historical sense that their diets were identical, even adjusting for hunger and body size.



We picked up on this discussion because even in week one my husband lost about 5 pounds and trimmed down (maybe from taking beer out) whereas I gained a few pounds and my digestive system slowed down (I don’t drink beer, but ate more chocolate and fruit from sugar withdraw). We both felt the need to exercise more, but had no exercise plan, no gym membership, no hamster machines, not even Cross Fit. It was more an ancient, compelling force to chase animals or climb trees and haul down fruit. Prairie dogs don’t make good chase, though, and our plum tree is pretty small.

So, we are adapting. Heading into week 4 and what will either be the final stretch of an interesting experiment or the jumping off point into a new way of eating, we’re introducing another factor. It’s called Zeoforce, which is an awesome name that sounds like a superhero. In actuality it’s a supplement designed to lock up toxins (like stored heavy metals) and carry them safely out of the body via the kidneys. It looks like a jar of dirt, mostly because it is; dirt called clinoptilolite, an alkalinizing clay that you can drink, bathe in, or use as a skin mask. It sounds crazy, mostly because it is kind of crazy. I’ll report back.

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