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My Story

Hi and thanks for joining me here on American Soul Food. My name is Kris. I am someone not unlike you, heading through life, trying to do it well and learning a lot as I go.

I designed this nutrition and wellness site for you, so that you can find answers, large and small, to everyday questions about how to live better and more wholly in a culture where our health is largely broken and dysfunctional. We exist in a day and age of vast technology and innovation, yet rampant disease. Shrewd proactivity is required of each individual if he or she wants to live well and be well in 21st century American culture. It does not happen by default.

I became fascinated with nutrition and how it impacts overall health and illness because of my own array of conditions. I developed a seizure disorder overnight as a ten-year-old and have been intrigued with the mind, the body, their connection and what it requires to be well ever since.

As an adult I’ve gotten to see first hand how food, both the removal of some and the addition of others, directly affects various physiological conditions– both diagnosed and felt or symptomatic. I chose to go to school to further ‘prove’ what I had discovered on my own, desiring to pass along this powerful knowledge to as many people as will listen.

My bottom line is this: You put food in your body all day every day. If someone tells you that this does not affect your sinuses, skin or small intestines, they are wrong. Food is the number one affecting substance we encounter everyday. It is also the matter over which we, as humans, have the most control. Therefore, to take hold of your food is to take hold of yourself and your health.

We each get one life. We get to make powerful decisions in this life, for ill and for good. I find that it is my task and my passion to help equip others with knowledge, tools, education, information and know-how so that they can help heal themselves.

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  1. 20 J0000006UTC 2011 2:10 pm

    “…If someone tells you that this does not affect your sinuses, skin or small intestines, they are wrong.” I could not agree more!

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